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Notice of Race: Shamrock Regatta

Notice of Race Shamrock Regatta Hosted by West Jersey RC Laser Fleet and Cooper River Yacht Club 1) LOCATION AND DATE: Racing will be at Cooper River Yacht Club, Collingswood NJ, 08108. Date is Saturday, March 24th 2012 2) RULES: The racing will be governed by the 2009-12 Racing Rules of Sailing, as amended by the ... More

Why are you going to Marco Island’s Midwinter’s?

To check out the competition for the RC Laser North American Championship being held in Canandaigua, NY this June, to encourage attendance at the same, to meet people who share this fun and addictive sport and to enjoy some warmer weather. - Maggie & Neil Atkins I go because it is the best regatta in the nation, ... More

Tour of Abaco, Little Harbour – Episode II – The Wind Strikes Back

We all gathered at Pete’s Pub for a bite to eat before the racing. The weather was looking iffy with a cold front moving through, but we never cancel. Most of our sailors only have B-rigs, so when the wind is heavy, we have to resort to the few C and D-rigs that we have. We tried a couple B-rigs to test the wind, but ... More

2012 Lake Naomi RC Laser Winter Indoor Regatta Results

This regatta has been known as "sailing in a box", but this year we christened it unofficially as the "Indoor RC Laser World Championship". Why? Well because we sail in an indoor pool with the assistance of 11 fans. So the "in a box" part is clear. While it is a 25 meter pool, those sides come up awfully quickly. ... More

2012 Geezer ‘Gatta Invitation & Information

We, at the Lake Providence RC Club, AMYA Club #282, are hosting our most unusual Geezer 'Gatta, 27-29 April, 2012, just outside Nashville, TN. We are hoping that you, or some of your members, will join us for this great celebration of the sport of model sailing. The Geezer in a nutshell: You qualify if you are 55 ... More

Tour of Abaco, Little Harbour Lunch & Launch

We all gathered at Pete’s Pub for a burger or some conch. Sailors slowly made their way to the harbour and Dave Mulock set a good course. We had one of the best sailing days on record in Little Harbour last weekend, Jan 28. Winds were out of the south/southwest at a steady 10-12. We were able to set a long course ... More