NOR: Lake Naomi Summer Regatta

NOTICE OF RACE Lake Naomi Summer Regatta August 13, 2017 NOTE: Date change from Saturday to Sunday The summer regatta for Lake Naomi is Sunday 8/13/2017 at 10:00am. The racing will be at the administrative offices off Rt. 423 in Pocono Pines. For more information contact Richard Dagget at richardldaggett@gmail... More

NOR: Harvest Regatta

NOTICE OF RACE Harvest Regatta October 21, 2017 Organized by Oxford RC Laser Fleet and the Tred Avon YC Rules: The regatta will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017, as amended by Appendix E for RC sailing, prescriptions of US Sailing, and further Sailing Instructions as announced by the Race Director ... More

2017 RC Laser National Championship Results

Jon Elmaleh, developer of the RC Laser and RC skipper since childhood, is the first repeat winner of the AMYA RC Laser National Championship Regatta. We were fortunate to have all of the past champions (Jon, Dave Brawner (2nd) and Jim Kaighin (3rd)) at the 2017 NCR at Lake Naomi and had spirited competition between ... More

NOR: RC Laser Region 3 Championship Regatta

NOTICE OF RACE 2017 AMYA RC LASER REGION 3 CHAMPIONSHIP The Endless Summer Regatta September 16, 2017 Rules: The regatta will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, as amended by Appendix E for RC sailing, rules of the AMYA RC Laser Class, and these Sailing Instructions or modifications as announced by ... More

2017 RC Laser R2 Championship Results

In West Jersey the Shamrock Regatta marks the beginning of the season. This year, due to poor venue conditions, it was postponed long enough to hold a combined regatta including the Region 2 RCR. The location was Cooper River Yacht Club in Collingswood, NJ. The day started with a light rain then more rain which ... More

2017 Inaugural Salt Water Challenge

Corpus Christi, TX The Texas fleets are coming alive. AMYA president Ray Seta has spent the past three years building RC Laser fleets in Texas. This fleet in Corpus Christi held it’s first Salt Water Challenge Regatta.   Very special thanks to Sylvia Dimayuga for being our RD and Josephine Camarillo for ... More

2017 RC Laser Mid-Winters

This is by far one of the most popular RC Laser events in the country. Mary Lee and Rocky Cale used all the best resourses to this over the top regatta. Using past AMYA president Dave Brawner as the regatta RD sure helps to keep the regatta on the right course. The regatta started with fun practice racing on Friday ... More

2017 Southern Circuit Results

What started as a few snowbirds getting together at Punta Gorda for some practice before the Mid-Winters is now a five regatta southern circuit over the span of two weeks. This year’s regattas were the best attended, with the best sailing conditions, and Corinthian sailing that anyone could wish for. It would never have ... More