The class secretary’s job is to interpret the class rules to ensure the RC Laser Class remains an entry level radio control sailboat. The question is on rule 6 a. 1. Sails may be decorated using decals, tape or markers. Decorations shall not interfere with easy identification of sail numbers, Laser logo, or ... More


Our class is growing fast, and we want to thank all the RC Laser boat owners for the support of the North American RC Laser Group and a special thank you for those skippers who have joined the American Model Yachting Association. With your support we have been able to improve our web site and give better support to all ... More

Sail Number Specifications And Placement

Each new RC Laser is shipped with a piece of paper that lists the 4-digit hull number. The sail number for that boat hull would be the last two digits of the hull number. So, for instance, if your hull number is 3068 then your sail number would be 68. If you are an AMYA member and you don’t know what your boat number is ... More

Improving Your Fleet: Workshops and On the Water

I'm sure many of you are sailing in a fleet where the same guys win and another group doesn't win.  If RC Laser racing is your hobby and you want your fleet to stay interested and interesting here's an idea to lift the spirits and improve the performance of the gang who always shows up, but has a frustrating time ... More

Handicapping the Fleet

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics." – Benjamin Disraeli One of the reasons the twice-weekly club racing at the Lake Providence RC Club is so popular and well attended is the use of start handicapping using the RYGG Race Handicapping System. By having the lower ranked sailors start ... More

Protect Your Sails With A Simple Mast Cap

The top of the RC Laser mast often has rough or sharp edges. Even if you use sand paper to round off the sharp angle where the mast was cut this part of the mast is still known to wear a hole through the top of the sail. A simple solution is to use plastic screw thread protectors to cap the top of your masts. Plastic ... More

Battery Parenting

Where I went to college, we had no electives. We all took the same courses - and had to pass them all. In simple terms, that meant that my classmates where in serious jeopardy of bodily harm if they had to work "juice" (electrical engineering) labs with me. There was something ominous about standing on a steel plate and ... More

409 Is So Fine!

Al Robinson, a boat owner in MS, provided these instructions and photos. Al has used this technique many times over the years, to painlessly apply vinyl decals. Thanks Al! Hanging on to a slippery boat We have all found that holding the RC Laser on its side is a really squirrelly proposition. Al's BOX holder is ... More