For Sale

If you are no longer using your RC Laser or have an extra boat you want to sell. Send the class secretary a note with the asking price and what you are selling with your boat.

For Sale  SOLD
RC Laser in very good condition

Boat cradle
Complete set of sails and rigs—A, B, C (The A and C sails are brand new)
Boat storage bag including spare parts
New storage sail bag by Intensity Sails which can hold up to four sail sets

The buyer will have to supply transmitter and receiver.

Possible delivery along East coast in the spring.

Price: $450

Al Dion –

For Sale
RC Laser Very good condition. This is my spare boat and never got to use it. I’m selling the boat with a blue carry bag, A and B rigs with year old sails (not pictured on the boat). There is no radio or receiver.

Priced to sell $350.00

Boat is in Riverton, NJ. I’m heading to Florida next Wednesday and could be met on 95 for delivery. Shipping is also available with buyer paying shipping cost.

Nick Mortgu