Letter From The Class Secretary

Hello fellow sailors and welcome to spring 2012 where the racing activity is building. We are a month away from the North Americans in Canandaigua, NY and those plans are buttoned up and we encourage more entries. This will be a great regatta on the water and socially. Please visit http://rcsailors.com for all of the information and to register.

I want to cover a major point that you all need to hear and understand.

American Model Yachting Association

As you may know, the RC Laser is only one of 30 model classes that participate within the USA as part of American Model Yachting Association (AMYA). For years we have existed as the largest one design model yacht in the US but within AMYA we have few RC Laser owners who join the organization. In fact less than 70 RC Laser owners belong to AMYA and of that number only 19 members actually have participated in regattas over the last two years.

At issue for several classes is the fact that we/they do not conform to the AMYA By-Laws on many points and AMYA wants to bring classes in line and legislate to the By-Laws. Not conforming will relegate these classes to 2nd tier treatment and we will not enjoy regatta recognition, regatta exposure in the calendar and a prominent position in the Model Yachting Magazine and AMYA Newsletter. We, the RC Laser Class, want to take a leadership position here and bring ourselves in line with AMYA By-Laws.

As our class is set up to operate, these are the AMYA points that we do not follow and will correct in time.

  1. Class members do not vote on class rules and therefore AMYA does not display our current rules. By voting for simplified rules (they are the same rules that we now use without descriptions and international phrases) and voting for a separate national class secretary we will have a continued relationship with AMYA. These rules do not supersede the Laser Class rules of June 2011 that apply to the world. The rules we are proposing apply only to the AMYA within the USA and simplified as to not conflict with the class rules we currently have and still protect our manufacturer and distributor.
  2. We do not do not register boats and inform AMYA on registered owners.
  3. Class Members do not vote on class secretary. We are proposing a new AMYA class secretary and that secretary will not replace me but will work with our North American reach and it will be business as usual as you all have it today.
  4. We do not follow AMYA financial guidelines on membership dues and boat registration fees.
  5. We do not file a yearly financial report to AMYA.
  6. We do not hold a National Championship regatta.

We still get support from AMYA in the following ways but this will be over soon if we continue on our present track of operation.

  1. We post regatta results in Model Yachting Magazine
  2. We use AMYA Bulletin to promote our regattas
  3. We use Model Yachting “Class Views and Tips” to promote class
  4. We have used AMYA officers for Race Directors for the last regional regatta, North American championship, and two mid-winter championships.

This is not to start a separate class but as a working part of RC Laser NA, as would a Canadian national class, and a national Mexican class. This will not disrupt the boat, the manufacturer and the distribution system of boats that we currently have.

What will be gain by moving to a conforming class within AMYA?

  1. We will gain a broader recognition for regattas in the calendar, the Newsletter and the magazine. For example, our RC Laser page in the AMYA website is woefully outdated and needs a new fresh look
  2. We will hold in 2013 a National Championship regatta that will be in addition to the North American Championship Regatta.
  3. We will be able to reap the benefits of a new AMYA National Championship regatta program to be announced soon.
  4. It will also position the RC Laser Class in line for a feature article about the boat and class within a future issue of Model Yachting.
  5. We will see wider class exposure creating more members, more sales of boats, more fleets, more regatta interest and basic class growth.
  6. We have an opportunity to gain the kind of leadership position within the RC community by conforming to the by-laws as a major RC class within AMYA.
  7. Our AMYA sanctioned RC Laser fleets will be able to acquire affordable pond owner insurance.

For those of you who are members of AMYA and have registered your RC Laser within AMYA, you will get a chance to vote on proposed changes with a ballot available in the fall issue of Model Yachting. The current issue of MY is on the street and you should see these proposed changes to the secretary and RC Laser rules within AMYA in this issue.

Write me if you have questions.

Dave Branning
RC Laser NA Class Secretary