2012 North Americans “Deckorations” Contest

If your kid made a prom dress out of Duck Brand tape, she and her boyfriend would be all over the news the next day. If 45 sailors decorated their RC Lasers for the 2012 North American Championship with their tape one might think that the company would want to donate some tape and fifty bucks or so for an award and be the sponsor a contest for the best decorated boat, not to mention some great web PR and mentions, but no, they said they weren’t interested.

You know what? We are going to hold a decorations contest anyway and instead of calling it Duck-o-rations, we are just calling it “Deckorations“. (Did you get it, “Duck” and “Deck”? We’re not bitter.)

When you check in at the registration table for the 2012 RC Laser North Americans, we are going to take a photograph of every skipper posing with their boat. The photos will be printed out and be posted in the bar at the Canandaigua Yacht Club. The court of public opinion will decide who has best decorated their boat. We’ll come up with a reasonably fair way to award the winner and give out a great prize.

For the formality of the contest… here are the rules for decorating your boat as described in the International RC Laser Class Rules:

Hull & Deck Decoration – Self-adhesive letters, tape, or decals may be fitted to the deck and hull. Felt-tip markers may also be used for decoration. Hull decoration shall not be more that 3” from gunwale.

Pretty boring. Don’t you agree? We do too!

Now, let’s see how creative you can get with decorating your hull and sails and still have your boat be able to sail legally and be competitive!

Here are some ideas to get you started on your “Deckorations“!

Here is the link to the post with all of the information on the regatta and the registration information. Remember, lot of planning is going in to this championship to make it an awesome event, so please get signed up as soon as you can!