Stickers. Ben Franklin. RC Lasers. Vinyl. Markers. What?

There are three full weekends left for you to be working on your RC Laser hull and sail designs for the “Deckorations” contest that will be held during the RC Laser North American Championship.

A crisp, new $100 bill will be awarded to the people’s choice winner!

On Friday afternoon at the registration table, we’ll take a photo of every sailor with their boat. We will take everyone’s photo whether or not your boat is decorated.

We won’t get too formal about this as it is intended to be fun but we will have a boat stand at the registration area and ask everyone to bring their assembled RC Laser, with their sail and stand beside their boat in the stand to have their picture taken. (It will be sort of like getting your photo taken on a cruise ship except you won’t be on a ship.)

One rule – so that all of the spectators watching can appreciate the designs – boats must sail with their decorated hulls and sails so the additions must conform to the class rules. You can read the exact details of those yourself but generally they say that you can color on your sails or add stickers but the sail numbers and Laser mark must be clearly visible. For the hull, your decorations can’t go further below the gunwale than 3 inches.

On Saturday evening, after racing, we’ll have all of the photos printed and hung at the Canandaigua Yacht Club. By then we will have devised a fair method where anyone at the club can cast a vote for their favorite “Deckorated” boat. After dinner, we’ll tally the votes and hand out the cash!

Click here to visit a photo gallery of past RC Laser hull designs to get the creative side of your brain working.

Registration for the Championship regatta on Canandaigua Lake in New York is going nicely. Just yesterday we saw that the tent had been installed where we will be able to store our boats and gear during the day and escape there if there if needed during inclement weather. The race committee is finalizing sailing instructions next week. The Canandaigua Yacht Club is working on the menu for Saturday night’s dinner. Registration bags are being assembled now and a gift for inside the bag is being proofed today and production on that starts next week.

We are very exited and hope to see you in Canandaigua, NY on June 8-10. Registration is still open. Here’s the link and all of the regatta information.