Tour of Abaco, Little Harbour – Episode II – The Wind Strikes Back

We all gathered at Pete’s Pub for a bite to eat before the racing. The weather was looking iffy with a cold front moving through, but we never cancel. Most of our sailors only have B-rigs, so when the wind is heavy, we have to resort to the few C and D-rigs that we have. We tried a couple B-rigs to test the wind, but the winds exceeded 20 mph and seemed to freshen as the westerly wind shifted to the northwest.

We finally made the switch from B-Rigs to C and D rigs. The tide was super low, testing the lengths of our “drop-sticks.” No keels were lost this week. Dave Mulock had a difficult time setting the course. The winds really pushed his row boat around. The racing finally got underway with the 3 C-rigs and 2 D-rigs. The D rig was the sail of choice, but we still ended up with some really close racing and some photo finishes. Dave Mulock had the best sailing day of his career with 2 seconds and a first. It should have been 2 firsts and a 2nd, but Randy Key #76 stole race 2 from Dave three feet from the finish line in a photo finish. Dave was able to hold onto second place, Randy was 3rd, Anders from Treasure cay was 4th and Glen Kelly was 5th. Jim Kaighin took the day with 3 firsts.

Marsh Harbour Sailing Club
Abaco, Bahamas / February 11, 2012
No Throw Outs

Thanks again, as always, to our race committee Lenore and Ylva. We appreciate Anders and Ylva Ljungholm making the long drive from Treasure Cay. We were hoping for another picture perfect day as we had 2 weeks ago, but the wind had its revenge.

Have a look at the pictures, but for full effect, I suggest playing the attached youtube video and let the music play in the background.

The day finished with a beer at Dave and Lenore’s house and a picture perfect sunset.

Next on the calendar is the Marco Island Midwinters March 2,3,4 and then Schooner Bay March 24 and Man-O-War in April.

This race report was submitted by Jim Kaighin. To submit a race report, send a few high quality photos or a link to your pictures online and a paragraph or two along with the results to and we’ll put it together for you as a post.