Why are you going to Marco Island’s Midwinter’s?

To check out the competition for the RC Laser North American Championship being held in Canandaigua, NY this June, to encourage attendance at the same, to meet people who share this fun and addictive sport and to enjoy some warmer weather. – Maggie & Neil Atkins

I go because it is the best regatta in the nation, from sailing location, to food, to a great group of people.  It has it all. – Jim Kaighan

Looking forward to seeing friends, lucking into a few decent races and stumbling out of a bar or two. – Harry Henkel

I am going because I really enjoy the other sailors. The competition is great and I  always learn a lot from them. – Sandy MacNeill

I’ve been there numerous times in the past.  It’s a a great place to sail and always a fun regatta. – Tom Lucke

To sail with the best! To learn tactics of the best! To defrost after several cold months! To mingle with good sailors and to get away from the wife! – Roger Baldwin

Marco is the best sailing venue in the country.  That means good wind, good course selection (by an expert race committee) and visual accessability for competitors.  Plus there’s a couple guys named Jim whose asses I wanna kick! – Hank Buchanan

Wow! Sounds like fun unless your name is Jim.