2012 Lake Naomi RC Laser Winter Indoor Regatta Results

2012 Indoor RC Laser regatta participants (L to R): Fran Whipple, Scorer Nick Mortgu, Third Place Dave Brawner, Second Place Sue Neely Ken Shaw Jamie Betz, First Place Bill Clausen, Race Director John Whipple Dean Neely

This regatta has been known as “sailing in a box”, but this year we christened it unofficially as the “Indoor RC Laser World Championship”.

Why? Well because we sail in an indoor pool with the assistance of 11 fans. So the “in a box” part is clear. While it is a 25 meter pool, those sides come up awfully quickly. We limit the start line to 7 boats to keep the crowding to a minimum.

And, as far as we know, there is no other RC Laser regatta run in an indoor pool.

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This year we had pretty much the same participants as last and the results were as follows:

  1. Jamie Betz – 37
  2. Dave Brawner – 47
  3. Nick Mortgu – 56
  4. Dean Neely – 66
  5. John Whipple – 74
  6. Ken Shaw – 82
  7. Sue Neely – 95

In thinking about those scores, keep in mind that we did 21, two-and-a-half lap races in the span of four hours (with 3 throw outs and breaks every hour).

It was great competition and camaraderie in 80 degree weather up on the otherwise freezing Pocono Plateau.

Many thanks to Bill Clausen for serving as Race Director.

Regatta report submitted by John Whipple, RC Laser Class Fleet #9 & AMYA Fleet # 302