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Stickers. Ben Franklin. RC Lasers. Vinyl. Markers. What?

There are three full weekends left for you to be working on your RC Laser hull and sail designs for the "Deckorations" contest that will be held during the RC Laser North American Championship. A crisp, new $100 bill will be awarded to the people's choice winner! On Friday afternoon at the registration table, we'll ... More

2012 North Americans “Deckorations” Contest

If your kid made a prom dress out of Duck Brand tape, she and her boyfriend would be all over the news the next day. If 45 sailors decorated their RC Lasers for the 2012 North American Championship with their tape one might think that the company would want to donate some tape and fifty bucks or so for an award and be ... More

409 Is So Fine!

Al Robinson, a boat owner in MS, provided these instructions and photos. Al has used this technique many times over the years, to painlessly apply vinyl decals. Thanks Al! Hanging on to a slippery boat We have all found that holding the RC Laser on its side is a really squirrelly proposition. Al's BOX holder is ... More