Protect Your Sails With A Simple Mast Cap

The top of the RC Laser mast often has rough or sharp edges. Even if you use sand paper to round off the sharp angle where the mast was cut this part of the mast is still known to wear a hole through the top of the sail.

A simple solution is to use plastic screw thread protectors to cap the top of your masts.

Plastic thread protectors for #10 screws are a good snug fit. One brand that works is made by HILLMAN and the item number is H#881037. A pack of 4 caps should cost about a dollar.

At Home Depot and Lowe’s, you can usually find packs of these in the drawers with the unique or specialty items on the aisle in the store with the screws, nuts and bolts. Here is a link to the product on the Lowe’s website:

This tip was submitted by David McConnell. David has been sailing RC Laser #289 since 1998. Check out all of our tips on the Tips and Tricks page. To submit a tip, email us at