4 Results for month: 05/2015

Where Does The Time Go???

It seems not so long ago there was a cover of white over the lake. Now we put up the umbrellas on the south dock and wait for the wind to fill in for RC racing. Here it is Sunday afternoon at 4pm and barely enough wind to get off one race for the eleven boats competing. But due to the due diligence of the fleet captain ... More

Gary Schmidt Returns To Racing

Gary Schmidt put in his first race of the year following a winter tour in Germany. The result was stunning. He had a third place finish beaten only by Anna Gorbold and Anne Lambert. In all fairness the race was shortened and many of us reading our GPS weather app knew it was time to get off the water. We then reposit... More

Week 5 in – 3 weeks to go

It was just another fine day for racing Sunday afternoon. Although the wind was light (A sail) we managed to get in 7 races in total. Jonathan Gorbold won 3, Jay Niggli won 2, Anne Lambert won 1 and Terry Schmidt won 1. We set up 2 courses for the afternoon to accommodate the wind changes. For some races we sailed ... More

Midway through the Spring Series

We have now completed 4 weeks of our 8 week series and there has yet to be a boat to run off with the series. Currently Bill Schmidt is 1 point in front of Jonathan Gorbold who is just 4 points in front of Mary Schmidt. Click “RESULTS” to see all the scores. Jay and I put our phones in our boats while racing to ... More