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Squeeze Me Baby!

I have first hand account of RC Laser owners vigorously shaking their boats trying to get the water to come out that ridiculously little hole in the transom. I have even heard of those that have drilled out the hole and put a stopper in it - so they could drain the boat easily. The Secret Well, now - for all those that ... More

The High Launch Syndrome

I hate to point out bad habits - especially when they are fun, but this is one that will eventually cost you a lot of money. The Problem The RC Laser is so darned tough that some sailors have found out that they can throw their boat into the water. They either launch it from shore, arching out through the air to land ... More

High Tech Sail Repair

The sails on the RC Laser are some of the most unusual in the world. Unusual in material and construction - which makes them virtually indestructible. But there is one aspect of their manufacture that occasionally causes a problem. The Problem Along the leach (trailing edge) of the sail is a mylar reinforcing panel. ... More

The Big Twitch!

The first thing you should know about troubleshooting the Big Twitch is that I will help you if you don't find the problem. And, as all of us recognize, it is impossible to fix something if you don't know what is wrong. Problems often show up as symptoms in a part that is not the problem. So don't jump to conclusions. ... More

Soggy Bottom Blues

That is what I call water in your cockpit. "Ya mean it's supposed to be dry in there???" You bet your sweet bibby - the cockpit (where the electronics are) is supposed to be booooone dry! Why is everyone shocked when I tell them that? If you get water in the cockpit - you have a maintenance problem you need to attend to ... More

Tips For Starting A RC Sailing Club, Building A Fleet

I enjoyed building one of the largest one-design model sailing clubs (60 boats) in the country, and I did it in about 18 months in a rather unlikely location in Colorado. There are certainly a number of ways to get the job done, but I my experience is proof that a little organization goes a long way.  Many think that ... More

Slip Sliding Away (Without a Rudder)

Yes, you can sail without a rudder, but it's a huge pain. Sailing with a half-fast rudder is also ridiculous - so let's talk some turkey about the often overlooked rudder. The Pintle The little round post that is on top of the leading edge of the rudder (the one that plugs into that hole in the bottom of the boat at ... More