For Sale

If you are no longer using your RC Laser or have an extra boat you want to sell. Send the class secretary a note with the asking price and what you are selling with your boat.

Laser #100 for sale. Hull and keel in good condition. Four rigs, newer sails in sail bag. New carry bag and stand.
Launch stick, rudder equipped with safety pin, extra rudder. New Hitec rudder servo. Futaba FASST receiver, no transmitter.
$450.00. Call 609-660-0100.

Laser for sale. Complete hull and radio. Purchased this year, sailed 6 times, so almost new.
A & B sails and masts.
Standard carry bag.
Folding stand.
Second keel (shortened for shallow water).
Will sell for $350 plus shipping cost. ($580 total cost).
Contact: Ron Federspiel (541-419-4457) (
Location: Bend, Oregon

I have 2 RCL boats I’d like to sell. Trying to build the local fleet up but so far no takers. They are in great condition and sailed very little. Equipped as follows:
Hulls tested for leaks and sealed where necessary
Sails-B & C (C sails have never been used)
Blue carry bags
Rudders drilled for safety pins (pins included)
All servos silicone sealed for waterproofing
Sails have quick connectors for fast changes
Standard Flysky radios
Ready for fresh or saltwater sailing
Can install numbers on sails if needed

Asking $425 for either one (might discount if both bought together)

Do not want to ship but could meet someone within reasonable distance of South Texas.

Contact me (Barry) at 281.543.3491 or