Pocono Pines, PA

Lake Naomi RC Laser Fleet

AMYA #302

Contact: Richard Daggett

Classes Sailed: RC Laser
Area served: Pocono Mountains
Sail location: Lake Naomi

Lake Naomi Club, Pocono Pines, Pa is located in northeastern PA. Sailing on Lake Naomi in the summer, and moving indoors to the pool with lots of big fans for the winter. A very active fleet with 15 members.

Our Summer schedule we will be sailing on Tuesday afternoons at 3:00 from the Lake Naomi Club administration office parking.

Winter sailing is held on Sunday mornings at the Lake Naomi Club. The breeze is provided by 10 very large fans. There are no wind shifts to worry about on the inside man made lake.

Lake Naomi has a long and storied legacy of sailing starting back in the 50s as the LNSA. In the 60s a benevolent developer bought up all of the surrounding land, including the lake, and proceeded to sell vacation lots and formed the Lake Naomi Club. The LNSA became the LNCSA as a result.

For many years we have had a successful adult racing program (Dusters, Lasers, and Sunfish) as well as a popular junior sailing/racing program. The MacNeill’s introduced us to the RC Laser in 2008 and our first shipment of seven boats came in October of that year. We have added a few since them as well for a total of 15 local members.

During the regular season, we of course sail on Lake Naomi (typically the latter part of the afternoon on Thursdays and Sundays). Last winter we had four Sunday morning trials of sailing in the indoor pool at our recently built Community Center. This winter season (November through March) we have official pool time from 8-10am on Sunday mornings. The pictures are from Sunday, 11/13. I wish I had a fan picture — it takes a lot of fan power to cover a pool. We hope to get a few YouTube videos of both our summer and winter venues.