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NOR: 6th Annual Geezer ‘Gatta

NOTICE OF RACE 6th Annual Geezer 'Gatta April 22nd – 24th 2016 SPONSOR: Lake Providence Radio Control Club, Mount Juliet, Tennessee. ENTRIES: Early registration discount ends March 15: http://www.lprcc.org/?p=777 CONTACT: Randy McDonald (615) 758-8288 mcdonald.rj@gmail.com SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Friday, ... More

Battery Parenting

Where I went to college, we had no electives. We all took the same courses - and had to pass them all. In simple terms, that meant that my classmates where in serious jeopardy of bodily harm if they had to work "juice" (electrical engineering) labs with me. There was something ominous about standing on a steel plate and ... More

409 Is So Fine!

Al Robinson, a boat owner in MS, provided these instructions and photos. Al has used this technique many times over the years, to painlessly apply vinyl decals. Thanks Al! Hanging on to a slippery boat We have all found that holding the RC Laser on its side is a really squirrelly proposition. Al's BOX holder is ... More

Boat In A Bag 101

Yes, there is a right, and a "not so right", way to pack your boat in your handy carry bag. To pack and unpack the bag, lay it logo side down, and unzip the bag. Sails Pack the sails first since the weight of the other items packed in the center flap makes it difficult to insert the sails. Flip the center flap up ... More

First On, Last Off

There is a proper way to turn on your electrical equipment. Even though you may do it incorrectly a few times and get away with it, a day will come when you will be sorry you didn't pay better attention. Simply put, turn ON your radio (transmitter) first and then your boat (receiver). Reverse the procedure by turning ... More

Speed Clips Of The Stars

It's So Easy Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to attach the outhaul to the boom - or the mainsheet to the boom. I really like the design of the spiral sliders that slide along the boom. But after you have marveled over how neat they are, you eventually get to the point of how can I get around these ... More

Monofilament Mayhem

This article is about the monofilament line that runs from the sail servo drum up and around the bow roller (or mast step on earlier boats). You are probably reading this article because you experienced the misfortune of having this line come off the drum. There are two ways that can happen - one is that you had the ... More

Baby Black Blocks

"Hmmm, those black rubber blocks must be some kind of packing material, I'll just throw them away." WRONG! Servo Jacks There are two baby black rubber blocks that perform a critical duty in your cockpit. They often are shaken loose from their assigned tasks during shipping - and they don't give any clue what they ... More