First On, Last Off

There is a proper way to turn on your electrical equipment. Even though you may do it incorrectly a few times and get away with it, a day will come when you will be sorry you didn’t pay better attention.

Simply put, turn ON your radio (transmitter) first and then your boat (receiver). Reverse the procedure by turning OFF your boat first, and then the radio when you are finished handling your boat. Thus, as far as the radio is concerned, it is First On, Last Off.

Model Sailing Center now has produced a bright colored sticker that you can apply to your radio to help you remember. If you are a member of our class organization, it is yours for the asking. If not, send One Dollar to:

Model Sailing Center
290 Circle Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439

Include a note asking for “First On, Last Off” sticker.

This article was written by Steve Lang of