Speed Clips Of The Stars

It's So Easy Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to attach the outhaul to the boom - or the mainsheet to the boom. I really like the design of the spiral sliders that slide along the boom. But after you have marveled over how neat they are, you eventually get to the point of how can I get around these ... More

Monofilament Mayhem

This article is about the monofilament line that runs from the sail servo drum up and around the bow roller (or mast step on earlier boats). You are probably reading this article because you experienced the misfortune of having this line come off the drum. There are two ways that can happen - one is that you had the ... More

Baby Black Blocks

"Hmmm, those black rubber blocks must be some kind of packing material, I'll just throw them away." WRONG! Servo Jacks There are two baby black rubber blocks that perform a critical duty in your cockpit. They often are shaken loose from their assigned tasks during shipping - and they don't give any clue what they ... More

Shoot The Juice To Me, Bruce

No brain surgery here, Doc. Just do it or die! Again, the engineering of the RC Laser incorporates a very simple servo control system. The through-the-deck installation is really state of the art, simple and functional - and it would be fool-proof, if you never got water on your deck!! Water? Actually, both servos ... More

Tuning Tips for the RC Laser

The design and engineering of the RC Laser leaves the skipper with a relatively small range of performance adjustments. Because there are so few, they are fairly critical. What follows are basic guidelines that the skipper must fine tune to the wind and sea conditions. The two major adjustments involve the sail. They ... More

Changing Sails

Those of you that have purchased and sailed the new A rig know one thing for certain - it is not very forgiving when the wind starts to get to its upper range of 8-10 knots. The A rig was designed to power the RC Laser to new levels of performance in very light winds - and that it does. However, just like the B sail, ... More

The Angle Of The Dangle

Adjusting Your Main Sheet Many of you have been left contemplating your navel after fiddling with the mainsheet on your RC Laser. This little piece of black string can really be annoying, especially when you are not sure what you are trying to adjust to do what. Fact Sometimes you receive a brand new boat and the ... More


A Real Killer Most sailors know about Irons. And most know they want nothing to do with them. But I have seen so many model sailors struggle with this awful situation, that I thought I'd spill my guts on what to do - goodness knows, I've been there, done that! Irons - what are they? First, understand that the ... More