Cherokee RC Laser Saturday or Sunday July 25 or 26

Dear all, I was thinking about putting together a summer sailing date. I know it is hot, but you can always jump in the water and cool off. Cherokee Long Dock was a fun place to go and sail, and if we can get a big enough group, lets go there again. You can even bring the kids and watch races and play on the beach. With everyone’s travels this summer, and the requirement of a high tide, this is the only weekend that seems to work. Please RSVP if you an make it.

Sat 25 3:11 AM EDT / 2.98 ft 9:19 AM EDT / 1.17 ft 3:47 PM EDT / 3.40 ft
Sun 26 4:09 AM EDT / 2.99 ft 10:14 AM EDT / 1.14 ft 4:43 PM EDT / 3.50 ft