2016 RC Laser Leftover Bowl

Thank you to West Jersey RC Laser fleet captain Jim Flach for carrying on this annual regatta. This regatta is the last of the year for the class and brings together skippers who want to enjoy the fine Fall racing on the Cooper River. Always off to a slow start as everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving festivities. After that it’s a relaxed fun regatta.

As the boats hit the water there were a few A sails, but that only lasted for practice. As the North West wind filled in it was B sails for all. Rob Seidlemann set a long windward leeward course that Jim Flach made longer by setting it at two laps. With only twelve boats giving notice that they were coming Jim set the regatta up as one fleet. Very surprised was Jim when 19 RC Lasers showed up. The starting line was stretched out to accommodate the large fleet, it was plenty long and it worked.

During lunch the wind got stronger and C sails appeared. Not for long as the fleet proved that B sails were the sails to use. The top three places were only separated by four points. Dave Ramos won the regatta. Jamey Betz finished second with Dave Branning taking third. Seven skippers won one or more races. Dave Ramos 4, Jamey Betz 2, Dave Branning 2, David Betz 1, Dave Brawner 1, Nick Mortgu 1, Harry Mote 1.

2017 is just around the corner!

Place Skipper Points
1 Dave Ramos 33
2 Jamey Betz 34
3 Dave Branning 37.8
4 Dave Brawner 51
5 Walt House 58
6 David Betz 59
7 Harry Mote 64
8 Nick Mortgu 65T
9 Ryan Lippincott 65T
10 Skip Lippincott 68
11 John Stoudt 69
12 Ivor Walton 81
13 Roger Baldwin 114
14 Art Littleton 135
15 Victor Oberg 136
16 Dominic Bonanno 145
17 Skip Hall 174
18 John Frankenfield 177
19 Konrad Richter 198