2023 Lake Naomi RC Laser Summer Regatta

by Richard Daggett, Fleet Captain

On 9/9/2023, under Blue skies and a light and variable “breeze”, 7 captains set sail including one junior sailor who just put his hands on a “club” boat that morning. He quickly showed the experienced sailors that he knew what he was doing with 3 first places. He probably would have had more if it were not for some server issues.

We were able to get 7 races in by the end of the day. Many thanks to our “PRO” Sue Neely and Fran Whipple, Eileen Collins, Lorraine Sadowski, Meryl Sultanik, and Eileen Daggett

2023 Lake Naomi RC Laser Summer Regatta Results (after 1 throwout)
Place Skipper Points
1 Remy Sultanik 13 points
2 John Whipple 15 points
3 Rich Daggett 16 points
3 Dean Neely 17 points
4 Greg Devoe 26 points
5 Tony Seay 31 points
6 Jack Sadowski 36 points