Harvest Regatta

This was another Oxford fall regatta to remember. With different weather patterns predicted due to hurricane Matthew the usually large RC Laser fleet had 18 hardy skippers arrive the morning of the regatta, some traveling from as far as Florida and North Carolina to enjoy the eastern shore of Maryland.

Regatta chairman Pete Bailey held his skippers meeting and sent the fleet out to sail. The RC Lasers hit the water at the same time the rain started hitting the water. Rain suits and radio covers were now needed as the rain never stopped. A few boats had some internal problems and five radios crapped out due to water, but this did not stop those who came to sail. Because of the excellent race course and great competition, the sailing went on despite the foul weather.

The racing started out sailing with two fleets, but was combined down to one large fleet after the drop outs from radio and boat problems. By lunch time the fleet had completed 8 races. After a great lunch provided by Tred Avon Yacht Club, the remaining skippers voted to wrap it up since the weather was not getting any better. The vote was not unanimous – there was one unnamed skipper who voted to trudge on. Racing was over for the day!

First four places were only separated by 6 points, with Alex Ramos winning the regatta with 9 pts; local sailor Don Barker 2nd, followed by West Jersey Fleet sailor, Dave Brawner 3rd and Nick Mortgu, 4th, then 5th place went to local sailor Roger Vaughan.

Thanks to race committee and score keepers who endured the inclement weather as much as the skippers; Tott O’Mara, Claude Meckling, Elaine Hepkin, MaryLee Cale and Steve Hopkins.

Place Skipper Points
1 Alex Ramos 9
2 Don Barker 11
3 Dave Brawner 13
4 Nick Mortgu 15
5 Roger Vaughan 22
6 Harry Mote 23
7 Mike Roberson 23
8 Jim Flach 31
9 Jim Karr 32
10 Dave Pulzone 36
11 Dave Ramos 39
12 Fred DeSantis 40
13 Roger Baldwin 49
14 Kondad Richter 50
15 Dave Branning 56
16 Bob Roe 58
17 Rocky Cale 61
18 John Yates 62