Our class is growing fast, and we want to thank all the RC Laser boat owners for the support of the North American RC Laser Group and a special thank you for those skippers who have joined the American Model Yachting Association. With your support we have been able to improve our web site and give better support to all regatta chairmen.

With so many new RC Laser owners I just wanted to get every one off sailing in the right direction. All our regattas are sanctioned by the AMYA, who supports our class in many ways. If you plan on racing your RC Laser in any of these events you should be aware of the seven simple rules that govern our class racing. They can be found at the link below, and are very simple to follow. If you do not follow these rules, while sailing in a sanctioned regatta, you maybe protested by the race committee or another competitor. Some say the last rule is the most important. It states that “anything not specifically permitted by these rules is prohibited”. Our RC Laser is a very good entry level boat. If all the skippers follow the seven simple rules then all the boats will be alike and it will make it easier to see your personal improvement in your sailing abilities. Our RC Laser designer Jon Elmaleh has gone to great pains in keeping the boat to be like the original 14′ Laser designed by Bruce Kirby.

All the rules can be found at the www.theamya.org RC Laser page.

Here are some hints to help you keep your boat up to date within the AMYA RC Laser Class Rules.


The boat shall be powered by either 4 over the counter AA cells 1.5 volt, or 5 NiCad or Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable AA cells 1.2 volt.
Battery packs must remain on the cockpit floor.

Running Rigging

May be of any material that replicates its original function.

The small grommet along the luff of the sail is not a cunningham. Its use is to hold the sail together from pulling apart. If it is used as a cunningham it will distort your sail from its original design.

Sail Decorations

Sails may be decorated using decals, tape or markers.
Painting of sails is not in the rules and will stiffen the material and may distort the sail shape.

Sail Numbers

All boats shall display two digit class assigned sail numbers on the sail.
These numbers shall be 4” Arial Rounded MT Bold font in black.
Three numbers are allowable when there are multiple boats with the same two digits.

One final note: You own your boat and may do anything you want with it. When sailing in a sanctioned regatta you are expected to sail a boat the meets all the seven rules.