B Sail Winds Week 7 Fall Series

I had ordered up an eight to ten knot wind out of the south for our week seven racing event and as usual that’s what we got.

Jonathan Gorbold, who was acting PRO, managed to rip off 5 bullets on an eight race card. (Even extra duties doesn’t seem to slow him down). Mary Schmidt managed 2 bullets after taking the first four races to repair her boat equipment and Jay Niggli managed to get up for one.

B sails were the best to accommodate those winds that were just enough to pitch pole your boat with an A. (Yes I tried it once. Bad choice.)

While club racing may be coming to an end the RC’s will continue after the Fall Series with a 5 week Frostbite Series which will end on November 15th. We use this time to adapt ourselves to the cooler but more forceful winds that will prevail. We will use either the south dock or Holiday Harbor as our race venue and then retire to 423 Holiday Harbor to warm up with a hot dish of some type and a glass of wine. Spectators are always welcome and someone is usually willing to give up their boat to a spectator in order to warm their hands.

This Sunday (October 4th) we will be starting at 5PM to allow racers to be recognized at the volunteer appreciation event at the club. It will be the final race date of the Fall Series and scores will then be tallied for Sailors Night.

Sad to see the Club close for the Snow that follows…

The Admiral (Nelson Habecker)