Late Spring Update

All Clear

As late spring arrives it brings out all the RC Laser sailors around the country. The masks are off in most states if you are vaccinated, or self-distancing practices for those who are not. Regatta committees have planned and released dates for summer and fall regattas.

  • Greg Smith, NCR chairperson, has just finalized the plans for the 2021 RC Laser Nationals at Noroton Yacht Club in Darien CT with an October 29-30-31 date.
  • John Whipple, Fleet Captain from the Lake Naomi Fleet, announced the date of their Summer Regatta August 7. It is a wonderful time to visit the PA Poconos!
  • John Yates, Fleet Captain from the Oxford RC Laser Fleet, will hold the annual Fall Harvest Regatta on October 23 at the Tred Avon Yacht Club on the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Mark Daddino from one of the oldest Yacht Clubs in NJ will be holding the Cold Turkey Regatta the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 27.

Moving into next year we have already heard from two of the RC Laser Southern Circuit Clubs to confirm dates.

North America and Beyond

Our website RC Laser North America reaches out to many RC Laser sailors around the world and our RC Laser Class Blast gets emailed to over 1000 subscribers. Just in North America we have located active fleets in three Canadian Provinces, Bermuda, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, and Mexico. With 20,000 boats sold worldwide they are everywhere you look! Even in the lead-in video on the Judge Judy show on TV……..

It has always been difficult to find existing fleets even in the US. We usually find them when they order sail numbers or other items from the class office, or they need assistance with their boat. On a suggestion to help find the other north American fleets in Canada, Bermuda, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, I have an RC Laser hat for the first fleet member in any of those countries that sends a note about their fleet. FREE HAT! We want to know where you are and about your fleet sailing.

Right now, on our West Coast we know that there will be a new fleet in Southern California, and I just heard from John Super in San Francisco who is looking to hold an open RC Laser Championship Regatta. Here’s John’s note:

Northern California RC Laser Sailors
I am looking for RC Laser owners who are interested in racing in our area of the state. I would like to hold a Northern California Championship Regatta in late 2021. Currently there are two fleets in the north: one at Wildwood and the other at Redwood. There are a few owners in San Francisco that are trying to get a fleet together at the SF Model Yacht Club but nothing official yet. Please give me a shout out if you are an RC Laser owner who wants to race in Northern CA., I will find you a fleet or start one if there is enough interest in your area.

John H Super 415-564-4779