Mary Schmidt Makes Light Of All Other Racers

Mary – waiting her turn to enter the starting box.

Mary – waiting her turn to enter the starting box.

The one thing I realized yesterday was that for most of the day Mary was walking up and down the dock in the opposite direction from everyone else. That meant that while everyone else was fetching the windward mark Mary was already fetching the leeward mark. “Great sailing Mary”.

She managed to score 5 bullets and 1 second out of seven races. Gary Schmidt, who took first place away from her last week, after Mary’s absence from racing, was forced back into second with her return. With only one race day left in the Frostbite Series it looks like the only one that has a chance of beating her would be Gary, but it will take a very strong performance. “RESULTS

We will be meeting up one last time (Sunday 2-4pm) at Holiday Harbor to finish the Frostbite Series and to say good night to our boats until warmer weather arrives or we head south with our bags in hand.

We have been very fortunate this year having the Frostbite weather act more like Fall.

Please join us for a final day of racing, food, wine, and good old fashion cursing on the docks.

The Admiral