RC Spring Series Ends / Fleet Racing Begins At CYC

May is that month where the RCs have to start giving room to all those oversized boats that block our wind. Occasionally we run into them but no real damage appears to be done.

It has been up and down series for the RCs this spring. If it was warm there was no wind, if there was much wind it was cold and/or snowing, and if it was just right it was probably raining. But none of that stops us. Sunday May 15th was one of those unusual days where a picture or two best tells it all. First thing we did was postpone 15 minutes for rain and then jump right in for the first race of the day with nothing but blue skies. While we had 2 knots of wind at best near shore we had gusts of 15 to 20 at the leeward mark. A quick postponement after the race to allow for a 15 minute hail and snow shower and then back to blue skies for the second race. It had the same wind conditions but I believe the temperature had dropped another 5 degrees. Dark clouds once again appeared as time was running out so we bagged it for the day.

It was Jay Niggli and Nate Heinzelman who looked past their noses to see that a smaller sail would work best given the wind conditions at the leeward mark. Hence it was 2 bullets for Jay and two seconds for Nate.

May 22nd will be the final day of our Spring Series and as it stands it will be either Jack Bennett or Jonathan Gorbold. “RESULTS

The following week off for Memorial Day weekend and into the Summer Series.

The Admiral