Where Does The Time Go???

It seems not so long ago there was a cover of white over the lake. Now we put up the umbrellas on the south dock and wait for the wind to fill in for RC racing. Here it is Sunday afternoon at 4pm and barely enough wind to get off one race for the eleven boats competing. But due to the due diligence of the fleet captain reading the clouds and the smoke atop the hill every one is advised to be prepared to have the wind fill in and racing to resume. It doesn’t take long for the prediction to come true. As if by some sixth sense the wind can be seen starting in the northeast corner and closing fast. Everyone scrambles to locate their transmitters and launching sticks fearing they my miss the start. Six more races are reeled off before the dinner hour approaches. Yes where does the time go?

We have completed 31 races in the Spring Series and with one more week to go it is still up for grabs. RESULTS

WE won’t race on Memorial Day Weekend but will conclude our series on Sunday May 31st 4pm south dock. If there is anyone waiting for better weather, the time is passing you by. The prediction from the fleet captain is great weather the rest of the year.

Jack Bennett was kind enough to give a young spectator coaching at the art of racing his RC for one race.

Anna & Jonathan Gorbold put together a slide show of photos taken by Howard Brayman of Sunday’s races. It is a great slide show and well worth viewing. Follow the link:



  • August 1st Squaw Island Regatta
  • August 22nd The Atkins’ Hospitality Elimination Regatta
  • October TBD Erie Canal Distance Races

See you on the water!!!!

The Admiral