2015 Tilghman Trifecta RC Laser Regatta

Twenty three RC Lasers showed up on a Wednesday for part one of the Tilghman Trifecta series of regattas held at the beautiful Tilghman on Chesapeake Yacht Club in Tilghman, MD. Part two was the EC12’s and part three, the Star 45’s, would follow over the next four days. Regatta Chairman Dave Branning couldn’t have picked a better day. The wind was a strong B sail for the morning seeding races and all but a few skippers hoisted their C sails for the rest of the day. It was a day that called for lots of liquid as the temperature was in the low 90’s.

The regatta drew skippers from MD, NJ, NC, PA, MI, and FL, with some staying for the other two regattas. One family had four members competing: brothers Steve Lippincott, Skip Lippincott, Tom Lippincott, and brother-in-law Nick Mortgu. After the fleet was split up by the Mason Dixon Line the six seeding races began. RD Danny Thomas did an excellent job on choice of course and keeping the races going on this hot day. After each of the two fleets finished seeding we adjourned to the welcomed air conditioned Tilghman Club for a deserved rest and lunch. Afterwards, to all our surprise the wind had picked up enough to change to C sails. Sailing in the Chesapeake Bay in salt water required extra care in keeping your boat cockpit dry. There were more than a handful of mystery electronic problems during the day, including one battery fire in Cape May Ray’s pocket!

In the gold fleet, RC Laser National Champion Dave Brawner sailed flawlessly to a 13 point first place and was awarded the Jim Karr Trophy, followed by Roger Vaughan with 20 points and regatta chairman Dave Branning, placing third with 38 points. Rick Ferguson sailed one of his best regattas and placed fourth with 41 points.

The silver fleet is always the fleet to watch as these skippers are sailing against their peers for a separate set of awards. First place went to Oxford fleet’s Roger Baldwin with just 34 points. Bob Roe, another Oxford Sailor, finished second. Jersey Boy’s Harry Mote and Cape May Ray Szulczewski finished third and fourth. This was Ray’s first walk to the RC Laser trophy stand.

Extra thanks goes to Regatta Chairman Dave Branning, RD Danny Thomas, Girl Friday Elaine Hepkin, who registered us, fed us, rescued our boats and tallied the scores, and part time scorer Beth Lippincott.

Event Photos

Gold Fleet
Place Skipper Points
1 Dave Brawner 13
2 Roger Vaughan 20
3 Dave Branning 38
4 Rick Ferguson 41
5 Gerry Cobley 48
6 Ivor Walton 48
7 Skip Lippincott 48
8 Jim Flach 49
9 Don Barker 57
10 Nick Mortgu 59
11 Tom Lippincott 59
12 Jim Karr 62
Silver Fleet
Place Skipper Points
1 Roger Baldwin 34
2 Bob Roe 42
3 Harry Mote 49
4 Ray Szulczewski 51
5 Victor Oberg 53
6 Steve Lippincott 55
7 Frank Vella 59
8 John Tochko 62
9 Mike Campbell 76
10 Claud Meachling 76
11 Skip Hall 86


to RC Laser skipper Ryan Lippincott for winning the Star 45 National Championship!