2017 World Indoor Sailing Championship

January 22, 2017 marked the fifth sailing of the World Indoor Sailing Championship at the Lake Naomi Club’s indoor pool in Pocono Pines, PA.

We had gentle mastery winds that were near perfect for our RC Laser ‘A’ sails. The Logan Steele Community Center pool area has recently increased in size by perhaps 30% — one wall along the edge of the pool was pushed back to make room for a shallow kiddie pool. There was much discussion about how that change affected the wind conditions of the pool. We did switch the most powerful carpet fan from the downwind side of the course over to the upwind side (there is no longer a wall adjacent to the pool on this side).

I would love to say that we had great sailing and camaraderie while the blizzard was swirling snow outside of the picture windows. However, this winter in the Poconos has been more sleet and freezing rain. But the rest is true. Pool sailing (e.g. sailing in a box) is an intense, close quarters hoot. There was great competition and fun for all.

Over time, this series has become popular enough that we no longer have enough space in the pool for everybody to sail at the same time. A few years ago we switched to CESS Pool Rotation to increase the total number of participants that we can host.

Thanks to Sue Neely, Race Director and Fran Whipple, Scorekeeper.

This regatta would not be possible without the cooperation of the Lake Naomi Club staff.

After 21 races in less than four hours, the standings were:

Place Skipper Points
1 Jamey Betz 17
2 John Whipple 20
3 Nick Mortgu 23
4 Dean Neely 25
5 Harry Henkel 34
6 Roger Baldwin 36
7 Bill Clausen 41
8 Rich Daggett 41
9 Abbey Spector 62