2023 RC Laser Sarasota Winter Regatta

by Jerry Wheeler & Gary Roby

The Sarasota portion of the RC Laser Southern Circuit Regatta series was held on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, at Green Parrot Lake in Nathan Benderson Park (NBP), Sarasota Florida. The days have been unseasonably warm with fairly dense morning fog, and March 1 was no exception. The sun quickly cleared out the fog, and temperatures were expected to be in the 80’s by afternoon. There was only a hint of wind, however, when it came time to start the race, and the wind had been shifting directions frequently, so the start was delayed nearly 30 minutes so a predictable course could be set. But the winds were south and east at 1-3 mph for most of the morning, so sailing was slow, with frequent calm air conditions. Around noon the winds began to pick up significantly to 10+ mph southwesterly winds with gusty conditions.
The competitors took it all in stride, were considerate of their fellow skippers, and exhibited great Corinthian spirit! Jim Kaighin (sail# 757) took first place in the Gold fleet, with Joe Haydn (Sail#51) taking first in the Silver fleet.
A special thanks to the Race Committee and to the many volunteers for their preparation and hard work during the regatta. Also thanks to Nathan Benderson Park for their assistance in providing and preparing the Regatta site.

Summary of the 2023 RC Laser Sarasota Winter Regatta
Date: March 1, 2023
Location: Green Parrot Lake, Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota Florida
Host Club: Sarasota Model Yacht Club
Entries: 21
Winds: morning winds variable from south and southeast at 1-3 mph; afternoon winds gusty from the southwest 10 mph
Races Completed: 8 for both Gold and Silver fleets
Scoring: Odd-Even seeding races to determine Gold/Silver fleets; then separate fleet heats
Race Committee: Jerry Wheeler and Mike Feldman, Regatta Chairs; Mike Feldman, RD; Will Parry, greeting; Gary Roby, Head Scorekeeper, with Bill Hendrickson and Will Parry assisting; Mike Feldman, Bill Hendrickson, and Will Parry, Starter, Marks, and Finish Spotters; Ron Prokop & Jerry Wheeler, breakfast and lunch; Steve Lippincot and Randy Raypole, site service, tent, table, & chairs; Don Lippert, chase boat and mark placement; Nick Mortgu, budget schedule, & trophies; Tim Peat & Jim Pascalides, Protests; Rob Wucki, photographer. We also give a big thanks to Nathan Benderson Park for the setup and use of Green Parrot Lake.

Place Skipper Points
1 Jim Kaighin 8
2 Bill Bentz 19
3 Dave Branning 20
4 Ken Francis 24
5 Larry Lefczik 31
6 Chris Dingle 32
7 Steve Holdeman 33
8 Michael Campbell 46
9 Jerry Wheeler 48
10 Jacques Rioux 49
11 Jack Smith 65
12 Daniel Harris 69
Place Skipper Points
1 Joe Hayden 21
2 Bob Shapiro 22
3 Robert Tallman 28
4 Hal Steward 30
5 Steve Lippincott 31
6 Joan Lefczik 47
7 Glenn Chalder 59
8 Randy Raypole 61
9 Frank Vella 66