2023 RC Laser World Indoor Championship Report

By Ray Szulczewski (Cape May Ray)
Sunday while the Eagles were getting ready for their shot at the Super Bowl, A friend that I have known since 5th grade, and I drove up to Pocono Pines, in the Poconos to sail our remote control sailboats (indoors). Each year they have the World Indoor Championships. It is by invitation only as they can’t take a large number of boats due to pool size. It is just a crazy fun way to have fun when most lakes are frozen and it is too cold out. (With the warm weather this year, there was no snow and half the lakes were not frozen)

Where we raced, the local guys do it indoors all winter. They line up about 12 electric fans on the one end of the pool and there is a instant steady breeze. Sort of felt like being in Florida as shorts and a short sleeve shirt were needed as it was around 85 degrees inside the pool building. It was my first time. I had a really fun morning, having a lot of laughs with a bunch of fun sailors. For us RC sailors it is like Indoor Arena Football. We started at 7:30 am in the morning and were Finished by noon, which is when the regular pool crowd shuffled in. It was a great morning and I was back in Cape May by 5:30 pm.