Lake Naomi Club RC Laser Summer Regatta

RC Laser Fleet #9 traditionally holds its Summer Regatta two weeks before Labor Day weekend.

Despite the Pocono Plateau being known for its cool summer days, on August 13, the day of the regatta, it was blazingly hot and humid. The regatta was held at our normal venue at the marina at the Lake Naomi Club Administrative Office.

The winds were somewhat light, but sufficient to give us spirited sailing. We were able to use our standard course with double lap races. Once we had completed 15 races only one sailor voted to do another five. (Those of you familiar with the participants can guess who that was.) So we adjourned a fun, hot day of sailing to cooler places.

After fifteen races and three throw-outs, the standings were:

Place Skipper Points
1 Larry Lefczik 15
2 John Whipple 28
3 Joan Lefczik 33
4 Dean Neely 38
5 Tony Seay 57
6 Jack Sadowski 58
7 Rich Daggett 67