2016 Squaw Island Regatta Results

What a difference a year makes. Last year the wind gods were so agreeable that we had to extend the race so that it lasted more than an hour. This year it was hot and without much wind. We placed a gate for everyone to pass through at the half way mark so that the PRO could shorten or end the race before everyone baked in the sun. As it turned out Jonathan passed through the gate 15minutes before the shorten course time limit so it was on to Squaw Island.

The entries were: #62 Jonathan Gorbold #81 Jay Niggli #74 Dick Hallagan #54 Nelson Habecker #78 Richaed Mikulec and team boats #005 Grace Groot with #272 Anne Lambert (Jack Bennett driver) and #71 Terry Schmidt with #652 Mary Schmidt (Bill Schmidt driver).

It was Jonathan who led the way all the way up to the Squaw Island mark but Jay was able to do the first port rounding and start the long journey back. Jonathan rounded shortly after and #54 after several tries managed to round and begin the trip back. At about the 2 hour mark Jonathan was able to regain the lead and win with Jay less than a minute behind in second. Many realizing that the first, second, and third spots were taken decided to pick up and get the party started.

George Nix was commissioned to develop a video with pictures of the regatta which can be seen at: https://youtu.be/5DfZK2leepM

Official results: #62 Jonathan Gorbold First, #81 Jay Niggli Second, and #54 Nelson Habecker third have been entered into the Hall of Fame.

Thanks to everyone who took part and contributed to all the festivities that followed. There was watermelon, Cesar salad, potato salad, chips and dip, sweet corn, Hots, Hamburg, Sausage, crock pot of beans, Brownies, Cherry Cheese cake and lemon cake. Oh yes-and plenty of drinks. I’m sure that I have forgotten something, but, everything was great!!!