Myles Loesel Wins Windsor Invitational

Windsor Invitational Regatta

The community of Windsor in Vero Beach tried it’s hand at regatta management last weekend and invited the teams from Sable Pines (near Ft. Lauderdale) and Orchid Island (also Vero Beach) to their first RC Laser regatta. The two Vero Beach fleets are building their skills in racing and started enjoying the RC Laser by ordering only B sails. Then they bought some A sails after needing them in the light air SE Florida Winter Regatta last month. The current 13 boat regatta needed the expanded inventory of C Sails in order to survive the strongest winds of the season.

The skilled and race-experienced Sable Pines team came with 4 full rigs and won the day. Miles Loesel took first overall with brother, Scott taking second and Jim DeSena in third, all from Sable Pines. Dave really needed C sails to cope with the heavy winds but only the Sable Pines boys had them so we all worked with the B sails.

The wind was the highest of the season at 20 plus knots. The good thing was that it was from the South and we had a long windward/leeward course starting at the north end and going up wind to the far south marker and back again to the north gate and repeat for four legs to the finish. Going upwind, it was difficult to tack without going “in irons” and going down wind, the boats would nose dive and come to a stop facing up wind. Very tough sailing. “The sailors from Sable Pines were just better than the rest of us and could cope with the conditions better. We needed the heavy weather C sails which we don’t have at the moment,” reported Dave Shelby of Windsor.

Michael Shaw took fourth place and Andy Kostanecki from Orchid Island took fifth. No surprise, the Sable Pines team took honors in the team competition with Windsor second and Orchid Island third.

Noah and the club did Windsor proud with drinks and pizzas after the races.
Sounded like a great day all around and a region building experience. Thanks to Dave and Carole Shelby for the pics and reporting.