Dave Brawner Wins RC Laser Invitational World Indoor Championship

It was balmy breezes in February that current RC Laser National Champion Dave Brawner sailed to win the RC Laser Invitational World Indoor Championship. This year eleven RC Laser sailors from as far away as Vermont and Maryland traveled to the snow covered Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains for this exciting event.

The pond is actually a half size Olympic swimming pool with the wind powered by ten large commercial fans. To put it in writing, the breeze was steady from the east all day, “real steady”. Twenty four races were held using the now famous “Cess Pool” system. This gave all eleven boats a chance to sail in a smaller fleet, with all the skippers sailing a fair amount of time against each other. Race director Sue Neeley with her team of, Fran Whipple, Cindy and Mike Weiner did an excellent job of keeping the 24 races flowing. When the pool time was running out Sue hustled us into racing three, two and a half lap races in fifteen twenty minutes. Thank you Sue from all the competitors.

First time invitees Roger Baldwin and Harry Henkle from MD, are now looking for a pool in Talbot County to sail in the winter months. Ken Shaw from VT says the drive is well worth the fun. The top award went to Past AMYA President Dave Brawner, separated by one point over second place Jamey Betz, third place to Ken Shaw separated by one point over forth place Nick Mortgu. Fifth place Harry Henkle who beat out Roger Baldwin by one point. Everyone is a winner who sails this event.

24 races sailed with two throw outs.

Place Skipper Points
1 Dave Brawner 21
2 Jamey Betz 22
3 Ken Shaw 42
4 Nick Mortgu 43
5 Harry Henkel 51
6 Roger Baldwin 52
7 Bill Clausen 52
8 John Whipple 58
9 Dean Neeley 66
10 R. Daggett 79
11 A. Spector WD