Day One In Florida: The Snowbird Tune Up Regatta Results

Day one from Florida brought 15 RC Laser skippers together at Punta Gorda, home of the Sun Coast Model Yacht Club. This was the inaugural Snowbird event on the RC Laser racing calendar. It was a terrific pond in a spacious town park with close in parking and two perfect launch docks. Nick Mortgu, AMYA RC Laser Secretary, and host, Jack Ward, combined forces to pull this Snowbird Tune Up Regatta together as a prelude to the North American Championships in Marco, which starts today at Mackle Park on Marco Island If there was a theme for the Snowbird Tune Up Regatta it was ROB SEIDELMANN DAY.

Rob reeled off 10 firsts out of 15 races to crush the fleet in shifting A Sail NW breezes in the morning then a robust B sail afternoon. Rob used clean starts and found good lanes to secure a control position right from the start gun. Rob was followed by Alan Perkins, in a borrowed boat. Alan is a renowned EC12 and Micro Magic Champion and is the current Florida State EC12 Champion. Alan was a strong second over Dave Branning, who stayed out of trouble with no race wins but near the top third in most races. Five RC sailors from other classes were able to borrow or cobble together boats to participate in the regatta. It is hoped that the Sun Coast Model Yacht club will pull together more RC Lasers for an active fleet.

The regatta was also supported by four skippers from the West Jersey RC Laser Fleet and three from the Oxford RC Laser Fleet in Maryland…..true Sunbirds enjoying the Florida sun and warm temps. Thanks to Dave Brawner, AMYA President, who kept the show going with good courses and a fast paced day, as PRO. Dave was supported by Paul Newfield and “Jim in the Kayak.” Lisa Brawner and Beth Lippincott hustled together great lunches from Subway. Nick Mortgu provided embroidered duffel bags for the top three skippers and tee shirts for all competitors.

Today is the first day at the North Americans and it’s Seeding Race Day. The fleet will be divided into three balanced fleets based upon past performance and each fleet will sail two back to back heats. The best score in one race will be counted as race one for the championship but the combined score will seed you for Promotion/Relegation (two fleets) for Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned, more tonight.

Place Skipper Points
1 Rob Seidelmann 19
2 Alan Perkins 42
3 Dave Branning 82
4 Gib Loesel 89
5 Jack Ward 90
6 Jim Karr 91
7 Victor Oberg 97
8 Nick Mortgu 98
9 Jim Flach 103
10 Pete Bailey 108
11 Dan Walsh 135
12 Frank Vella 150
13 TG Wald 161
14 Theresa Ray Gay 171
15 Al Dion Sailed 1/3 Day