Day Two from Florida: The Seeding Day from the North American Championships

Day Two in Florida stayed overcast and most skippers had a light fleece or sweater on as the sun never appeared. The locals said we “should have been here in February.” Each skipper sailed two seeding races as the 26 competitors were divided into three “balanced fleets” to begin the regatta. Some of the newcomers to RC regatta racing showed their mettle with Scott Loesel and Barr Batzer from Sable Pines Feet going one/one and one/two in their two heats. Since we only count your best race to begin the regatta, five individuals had a first and five others had a second and three individuals had a third.  A lot of competitors are within a point or two.  Top individuals at the end of day one are: Scott Loesel, Rocky Cale, Victor Oberg, Jim Flach, Scott Rice, Myles Loesel, Barr Batzer, Tom Lucke, Mike Kaighin, Jim Kaighin, Dave Branning, Jack Ward and Hank Buchanan. It’s only day one and plenty of wind and weather are expected for the next two days. Stay tuned.