Don Barker Wins Third Regional Championship at Tilghman Island


2014 Tilghman R2 Championship

Chestertown, MD’s Don Barker won his third Jim Karr Trophy for the RC Laser R2 Championship yesterday, May 17, 2014. Weather on Tilghman Island, MD was beautiful as high clouds and warm sun graced the venue at the Tilghman On Chesapeake YC and Marina. Thirteen boats joined the contest with skippers from Raleigh, NC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The morning races were graced with C sail winds diminishing to B sail then to an A sail for the last race before the noon break and then it was A for the rest of the day. Regatta Chairman and host, Dave Branning led at the break with Don Barker and Bob Roe tied for second and Jim Flach two points behind them.

After a lunch on the top deck of the YC, the RC had a difficult time re-positioning all six buoys and, after an entire placement they had to be moved again as the on and off northwesterly played with us the rest of the day. Skippers could be seen laughing or crying as short term glee turned into pulling ones hair out in frustration with mother nature.

The patient skills of Don Barker came into play for the rest of the day as he took a lemon of a start or poor positioning at the first windward mark and turned it into lemonade at the finish line. Don recorded two firsts, two seconds and two thirds for the afternoon to take the championship by 5 points over Dave Branning, with Jim Flach in third, Bob Roe in fourth and Jim Karr, fifth.

Congratulations to Ryck Walbridge and Frank Steffens who were sailing in their first RC Laser regatta. Thanks for all who came to Tilghman and sharing in the day. Special appreciation go to Harry Henkel and Roger Baldwin who provided the chase boat and positioned all the buoys. PRO and scorekeeper, Dick and Bonnie Richards, did a great job running the start and finish lines and Elaine Hepkin laid out a nice lunch for all of us on the top deck and helped with the scoring and chase boat. Thanks also to Jim Thornton who gladly spent the day shooting a ton of pictures. A few presented here.

Place Skipper Points
1 Don Barker 27
2 Dave Branning 32
3 Jim Flach 47
4 Bob Roe 47
5 Jim Karr 67
6 Harry Henkel 67
7 Victor Oberg 82
8 Rick Ferguson 83
9 Roger Baldwin 88
10 John Tochko 89
11 Ryck Waldbridge 90
12 Frank Steffens 100
13 Claude Maechling 121
Top 5 (l to r): Don Barker, Dave Branning, Jim Flach, Bob Roe and Jim Karr

Top 5 (l to r): Don Barker, Dave Branning, Jim Flach, Bob Roe and Jim Karr

First Race Start: #93 Branning over the line

First Race Start: #93 Branning over the line

Last Race Start...Little wind left in the day

Last Race Start…Little wind left in the day