End Of Season And Mary Schmidt Romps

The final day of racing and everything went well until the first race was underway. It was at the leeward mark that Jay pitch poled with Jonathan right behind him. As luck would have it Jay’s rudder came down over Jonathan’s boom and the two were hitched. After a short honeymoon I was sent to handle the divorce proceedings. Another rescue by kayak. Mary continued to rack up victories in the first three races when we all called for a break in hopes of cooling her down. Upon returning someone very graciously put Barb’s boat in the water without turning it on. The short video shows our efforts to prevent another rescue.

When all was said and done it was another rescue down the same channel we lost Jay and Jonathan. Mary unfortunately came right back with another win that clearly made her the Frostbite Series winner for 2015. She topped it off with a second in the fifth race (but we all believe she was just holding back to make us feel good). If you would like to see the final count click “RESULTS

We had barely enough time for one final race of the season so we made it a real horse race. If you have nine minutes to kill please enjoy the race.

At the end we all packed our boats away and moved inside to feast on all the goodies that were brought by everyone and Anne’s pasta, bread, and wine.

With the season coming to an end I would like to thank everyone for all the dedication and efforts that were put in to make this such a successful year of racing. From the series we raced to the Squaw Island Regatta and toping it off with the Atkins’ Hospitality Regatta, it could not have been better.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all”

The Admiral Till next year!!!!