Jack Ward Wins Snowbird Tuneup

Jack Ward of the host Punta Gorda Fleet handled 21 competitors to win the second annual Snowbird Tuneup Regatta on Thursday, February 27th. RD, Dave Brawner and the team of Art Hawes, Paul Newfield and Fred in the Boat, ran a terrific show with 16 heats in the odds and evens format.

In second was Frank Vella, of Naples, who bought his used Laser two days before the regatta. He even made a lifting stick the night before the regatta. Frank is the Soling Class Secretary and a top sailor in the Soling and EC12 classes. We welcome him to the RC Laser Class. Scott Loesel came over from East Florida for the day to grab third with Nick Mortgu and Dave Branning in 4th and 5th respectively.

Weather for the early part of the day was looking ominous as the clouds threatened but never delivered the rain. Thanks to Nick Mortgu who organized the regatta for the 2nd year in a row. We all sported our skipper gift sun hats for the final picture above.

This was the second leg of the Snowbird Series, which started last Sunday in Coconut Creek, FL. The next report will be the third leg, the 11th Annual Marco Island Midwinter Championship. Here’s the Snowbird Tuneup Results below.

Place Sail Number Skipper Points
1 148 Jack Ward 12
2 21 Frank Vella 20
3 44 Scott Vella 21
4 00 Nick Mortgu 22
5 93 Dave Branning 23
6 22 Joe Hitchings 24
7 732 Hank Buchanan 25
8 41 Jim Karr 28
9 79 Harry Henkel 28
10 77 Steve Hopkins 33
11 112 Jim DeSano 34
12 25 Gary Sharp 35
13 99 Roger Baldwin 29
14 68 Janice Anderson 29
15 36 TG Wald 49
16 43 Dave Shaw 53
17 75 Chuck Kuhn 53
18 23 Larry Lefczik 55
19 218 Theresa Rae Gay 56
20 12 Dave Martens 59
21 W27 Bill Biersach DNF
22 91 Frank Jeffens DNF
Top Five: Branning 5th, Mortgu 4th, Loesel 3rd, Vella 2nd, Ward, 1st

Top Five: Branning 5th, Mortgu 4th, Loesel 3rd, Vella 2nd, Ward, 1st