Jim Kaighin Wins His Third North American Championship

The 2013 North American  RC Laser Championship goes to Jim Kaighin from the Bahamas. Jim sailed a 2, 2, 1, 3, 3, 5, 13 (throw out) day to win by seven points over Barr Batzer, from Lighthouse Point, FL. Barr actually had a one point lower gross score in this two throw out regatta. This was Barr’s first regatta in an RC Laser. Third, 8 points back from Barr, was Rob Seidelmann from Collingswood, NJ. All of the top three skippers were neck and neck for the regatta and had a chance to take the top spot on the last day.

Weather was not too inviting early Sunday with 47 degrees and a sprinkling of rain. By 10 am the sun came out and the A sails were deployed, but as the winds swung to the NE and freshened, we had a mixture of C and B sails to finish the day. The sweaters and the jackets stayed on as the temps never quite got above the low 60’s for the balance of the day. PRO, Dave Brawner, and his team of Harvey Spriggs, Dave Dumas, and Mary Lee Cale, kept the pace moving as the Promotion/Relegation format of two fleets completed 34 heats for 17 races for the regatta.  It was another wonderful experience sailing in Mackle Park, a venue perfectly suited for RC racing. Thanks also go to Rocky Cale and George Domenech of the host fleet who worked with the City of Marco Island and the Marco Island Yacht Club to round out a perfectly organized weekend.

The win for Jim Kaighin is his 4th regatta win at Mackle Park and his third North American Championship. Jim previously won the North Americans at Pocono Pines, PA and Oxford, MD.

Place Skipper Points
1 Jim Kaighin 37
2 Barr Batzer 44
3 Rob Seidelmann 52
4 Hank Buchanan 69
5 Mike Kaighin 71
6 Rocky Cale 92
7 Jack Ward 98
8 Myles Loesel 99
9 Dave Branning 117
10 Tom Lucke 124
11 Jim Flach 140
12 Victor Oberg 174
13 Harry Henkel 201
14 Chuck Weaver 202
15 Scott Loesel 214
16 Gary Sharp 235
17 Scott Rice 238
18 Roger Baldwin 239
19 Yancey Brame 242
20 Dan Walsh 246
21 Lindsay Kaighin 251
22 Jim Craft 267
23 Don Harthorn 297
24 Nick Mortgu 310 (did not sail Sunday)
25 Rick Hellyar 333
26 George Domenech 347