DAY TWO: North American Championships

Day two of the RC Laser North American Championship was a day of sail changes. The forecast from the “always accurate weather man” was 10-15 with more in the afternoon. That never really happened that way. A sails all morning in really nice comfortable east northeast winds and then the NW filled in and we sailed B sails from lunch to mid-afternoon with C sails for the balance of the day. Some heats had a mix of A and B and later a mix of C and B. At the end of two days Jim Kaighin, from the Bahamas, has realed off 4 firsts and a second of the 10 races completed so far for the lead by 4 points regatta.  Barr Batzer from Sable Palm Model Yacht Club near Fort Lauderdale is in second with consistent races in the top ten all day. Rob Seidelmann, from West  Jersey’s RC Laser Fleet,  is in third, winning two heats on the day.

Highlight of the regatta is Lindsay Kaighin, the 13 year old daughter of Mike Kaighin, who has sailed quite well and has spent a couple of races in the A Fleet. The current smile on her face is the fact that she is going to bed in the A FLEET with her BLUE clothes-pin (representing the A Fleet) clipped to her pajamas.

SOME RESULTS With NO Throwouts (one T/O for every 6 races) …More reporting tomorrow.

  1. Jim Kaighin          30
  2. Barr Batzer          34
  3. Rob Seidelmann 37
  4. Hank Buchanan 59
  5. Jack Ward            66
  6. Mike Kaighin      67
  7. Myles Loesel      68
  8. Rocky Cale          77
  9. Dave Branning   81
  10. Jim Flach              89
  11. Tom Lucke          101
  12. Victor Oberg      126
  13. Scott Loesel        146
  14. Jim Craft              150
  15. Chuck Weaver   153
  16. Gary Sharp          153
  17. Harry Henkel      161
  18. Roger Baldwin   165
  19. Scott Rice            165