“Walkabout Fun” But “Not Without Injury”


The photo shown on this blog may be too graphic for children.

Viewer discretion is advised.

It was a great day for our annual Walkabout races. The wind was squirrely as usual and from several directions which is to be expected. Most of the time it was just hard to figure.

This year we tried something different by using a GPS tracking “RACEQS APP” which told us after the race that we had traveled a total of 3.1 nautical miles for the day. We also attached a camera for some on the water race footage.

While the walkabout was 2/3s of our walking we did have an additional three races before the clock ran out on us.

Keith Calkins showed up to take photos with his camera. Go to our 2015 Walkabout Photos to see them. Also, George Nicks wandered down with his RC motorboat on a string. It seems that after it goes out twenty yards or so it quits. So Neil was nice enough to loan him his RC for a couple of races to see what it feels like to be in control of your boat and have it come back more than 20 yards from shore without a string.

Following racing we retired inside for Anne’s chili, Anna & Jonathan’s fresh bread, Maggie & Neil’s great salad, Mary & Bill’s non fattening ice cream, and Glennis Habecker’s pirate made cherry cheese cake finishers.

Oh Yea, I almost forgot the injury. It seems that while no one was watching that a bench along our path leaped out and took a swipe at Jack Bennett. 911 was called in and a bandage was applied following the race. He is healing slowly at home and should be back in action next week.

Walkabout Races can be Dangerous

Walkabout Races can be Dangerous

Next week we will be moving to CYC for racing off the south dock 2-4pm.

If you happen to be in the area on Saturday the 25th, CYC will be hosting the annual “Burning of the Socks” from 4-6pm with a fire pit for your socks, music, dance, and suprises.

See you on the water!!!!!

The Admiral