Jonathan Gorbold Wins Hospitality Regatta

The day began early with all the preparations being made. Seven boats entered the water at noon for the 2.3 mile race across the lake. The chase boats were power boats, canoes, and kayaks. Keith Calkins (race director) laid out the starting line and did the countdown. Six boats took a course of east and then south while one boat (Jay) took a course of south and then east. At the finish first in 1 hour and 11 minutes was Jonathan Gorbold followed 1 minute later by Jay Niggli. Bringing up the rear in 1 hour and 28 minutes was the Admiral (Nelson Habecker).

The complete order of finish over was:

  1. Jonathan Gorbold #62
  2. Jay Niggli #81
  3. Terry Schmidt #71
  4. Gary Schmidt #59
  5. Jack Bennett #005
  6. Nelson Habecker #54
  7. Mary Schmidt #652 DNF (engine problems)

The Atkins were well prepared to receive us as we pulled our boats from the water for a short rest before the elimination rounds began.

A course was set a bit off shore where we could get the best wind and competitors were shuffled in and out with their boats to compete in the elimination rounds.

First up:

  • Neil Atkins #172 defeating Anna Gorbold #62A
  • Anne Lambert #272 defeating Neil Atkins #172
  • Anne Lambert #272 defeating Mary Schmidt #652 (more engine trouble)
  • Nelson Habecker #54 defeating Anne Lambert #272
  • Nelson Habecker #54 defeating Jack Bennett #005
  • Gary Schmidt #59 defeating Nelson Habecker #54
  • Gary Schmidt #59 defeating Terry Schmidt #71
  • Gary Schmidt #59 defeating Jay Niggli #81
  • Jonathan Gorbold #62 defeating Gary Schmidt #59

to win The 2015 Atkins’ Hospitality Regatta.

Awards were handed out to the top three finishers and all the female participants for putting up with the guys.

We all then settled back to enjoy all the strip steaks prepared by our hosts and all the side dishes and deserts contributed by all.

“Many Thanks” to all that help to make this happen, our hosts Maggie and Neil, our race director Keith, chase boat staff Anne, Anna, Cathy & Mike, Barb & John, and to everyone else that took the time to enjoy the racing.

Event Photos

The Admiral