RC Laser Championship of Nations Regatta

Congratulations to Jim Kaighin for placing fourth in the Championship of Nations Regatta in Valenciennes France. The Championship of Nations Regatta is equivalent to a World Championship Regatta with multiple countries sending their top few sailors to compete.

The regatta is sanctioned by the RC Laser International Class Association and is sailed every two years in a different country, and each country may send a small number of its top RC Laser sailors. The regatta is a little more intense than we are used to here in the states. It was no small undertaking for Jim to participate in this regatta in France. Besides the transportation for Jim and his boat and housing cost, Jim had other hoops to navigate. The first was a letter from the class secretary that Jim was an outstanding Corinthian skipper and a long-standing member of his country’s Radio Control National Association. Personal liability insurance was also required along with a Doctor’s note that he could walk the lengthy course if required. The courses are much longer than we sail in the states. Jim also mentioned a language barrier and his radios not being able to reach out to the far marks. The regatta lasted for six days with sailing from 9:30am to 6pm, with a memorable sit-down lunch each day with wine being served.

Does this sound like something we can pull off in the USA? We’ll see! We have been selected to host the 2021 Champions of Nations Regatta. The event will take place at the Marco Island Frank Mackle Park at the end of the 2021 Southern Circuit Regatta during the first week of March.

Thank you to Rocky and Mary Lee Cale for agreeing to host this prestigious event. Planning for the event has not started. Only the date and place have been set. When more information becomes available everyone will get the information at the same time. This will be an invitational regatta.